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Whims of Beauty

I am impressed by the paintings of Alexander Cruz because he show us the sublime testimony of the beauty of the Puerto Rican endemic birds.
This collection
will be valued more over time, thus signify a very valuable sample of our fauna.

Highlight the design and architecture of the great painting achieving a beautiful and compelling realism, where the artist expresses the smallest details of the birds; whims of beauty of the Creator.

The setting of branches of trees and shrubs is eloquent in its purity, its realism helps the scene and the model chosen.

The extensive knowledge of the painter cooperate for the message of joy that is perceived in all its dimensions, thus I advise to publish a book with all the series, which will certainly appeal not only to connoisseurs, but the wider public.

The sight of these paintings makes consciousness, besides the colorful party for the eyes and the spirit, of the need to protect these species that are national treasures of Puerto Rico.

I'm sure the people responsible for education and culture of Puerto Rico will appreciate this patriotic effort of a talented painter and a good man.

Antonio J. Molina
 Art Critic, AICA







Obispo Colorado
Orange Bishop
8" x 10"






Cotorra Puertorriqueña
Puerto Rican Parrot
16" x 20"






American Kestrel
11" x 14"





Garza de Ganado
Cattle Egret
12" x 24"

The artist Alexander Cruz presents his new painting style which was a great success in his initial presentation in the University of Turabo's Museum, where thousands of people had the opportunity to enjoy the artworks of the artist.

This exhibition was made with an educational purpose so Puerto Ricans learn more about our  fauna, flora and culture thru art. This collection has 54 oil paintings in a unique artistic style where the artist merge Abstract Expressionist with the birds Photorealism.

In his artwork he shows the birds on some trees from the island and, in some cases, he paints the flower or the seed that characterize that tree or plant. 

The frames of these artwork also are part of the artistic style where the artist paints the frames in accordance to the colors of the birds and/or the background.

Exhibition Places:

Museo de Vida Silvestre, San Juan
March 27  - present

Turismo de Puerto Rico, San Juan
Date: August 15 - November 1, 2013

Centro Ceremonial Indígena de Tibes, Ponce
Date: August 6 - 31, 2009

Museo y Centro de Estudios Humanísticos,
Universidad del Turabo, Gurabo

Date: February 20 - April 20, 2009

Escuela y Galería Cruz, Inc., Bayamón
Date: October 1, 2009 - present

Guided Visits with the artist by appointment.
787-778-3276 ó 787-740-7288



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See the video interview to artist Alexander Cruz
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Informative Cards for sale:
(18 Puerto Rican Endemic Birds)
(Spanish only)

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Video Presentation of Exhibition. (Spanish with English subtitles)


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Copyright © 2013 Alexander Cruz. All rights reserved.

All the artworkd are oil on canvas and they are © Copyright protected


The Desire to Create

The tenacity for realistic creations dominates the creative work of artist Alexander Cruz.
This young artist
has created a series of works within the mainstream of realism that have been recognized by art critics in and outside the island

This exhibition entitled “Colors that sings” lead us to ask ourselves, what is the purpose of art.

Is it mere contemplation attached to beauty?

Certainly it is much more than that. The art brings humans to look more carefully. A good painting force us to get close and observe their details, forced us to stop. It is precisely in this ability of forcing us to stop and carefully contemplate the work of art is what the artist Alexander Cruz achieved in this exhibition.

Each of
his paintings of birds makes us pause to contemplate not only the subject of the painting, but the colors and strokes that transport us to a magical world of song and color.

The union of the bird and flowers, branches and leaves has allowed the artist to transcend the mere photographic image to create a dramatic artwork in color and composition.

The career of artist Alexander Cruz in this, his first full series of work, gives a place of honor in the history of the visual arts in Puerto Rico.

Juan A. Pastoriza
CEH, JCN Museum Director






Bobito de Puerto Rico
Puerto Rican Pewee
8" x 10"






Águila de Mar
12" x 24"





Carpintero de Puerto Rico
Puerto Rican Woodpecker
11" x 14"


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