Professional Painting Knives
Large Painting Knife (#UPE-K-LG)
Small Painting Knife (#UPE-K-SM)

Larger and firmer than traditional painting knives, Alexander Cruz painting Knives are sturdy and comfortable. These straight edge palette knives are used for various oil and acrylic painting techniques, and make loading very easy and simple.

The smaller knife is excellent for areas that are difficult to paint with the large knife. These palette knives have been designed to create beautiful oil paintings using the successful "Wet on Wet" techniques in landscapes made popular by various television artists. They are excellent for mixing colors on the palette and for creating different types of mountains, lines in the water, clouds, paths, tree trunks, etc.

Good for blocking color and creating strong marks.

Alexander Cruz Painting Knives are available in two sizes:

Small and Large
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Large Painting Knife
Small Painting Knife

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