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Now, just imagine that during our painting events, anyone, (from 5 to 87 + years old) with little or no experience, can paint a realistic oil painting in just ONE CLASS!

With Alexander Cruz new techniques in wOil now you can!

Alexander Cruz has been teaching different oil techniques for over 25 years and has develop two new oil techniques, one using traditional "Color on Color" concepts and the other one using "Wet on Wet" concepts with a new line of colors called wOils. Cruz has been teaching with wOils in countries like Germany, Spain, United States, Puerto Rico and a twice in Taiwan (Big Tours).

The concept of these new oil colors is that you can mix and clean your brushes with water. That’s why it’s called wOil or water mixable oil.

Also the consistency of this line is more opaque than traditional oil colors allowing the artist to create a beautiful artwork in less time than traditional techniques.

During the classes the student will have the Ultimate Painting Experience with our Master Artist Alexander Cruz, IAA (International Ambassador Artist by UNESCO) in which he will teach to paint, in an easy way, with tricks and shortcuts that will get realistic results in a very short time.

He will pay close attention on simple details like how to load your brush, how to hold your brush and what pressure or stroke to use. Cruz will answer all the students questions when the moment arises.

All the students will have a fun educational experience and the excitement of doing an oil painting. All of this in a positive environment of respect, camaraderie, enjoyment and, I repeat, FUN.

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LAJAS, Puerto Rico October 30, 2016 Available for
WESTON, FLORIDA October 2015 past event


Past Painting Events

"Teaching the world how to paint"
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"Teaching the world how to paint"
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Frankfurt, Germany 2012, 2013 & 2014
"Teaching the world how to paint"
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Minneapolis, MN
"Teaching the world how to paint"
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